Software for administration and management of technological units with a fully modifiable environment.

Our company is a SILVER PARTNER in the Comos program from Siemens.



Object database platform for managing process equipment from their planning to maintenance from Siemens. It brings users considerable time savings and cost reductions when planning production equipment as a whole.

System usage

  • Management of technological systems
  • Effective passporting tool
  • Operational monitoring of operating units
  • Automate handouts for service
  • Optimizing operational documentation management
  • Management of control and revision processes, by prophylaxis
  • Interaction with economic and registration systems
  • Operational support of desk service, flow monitoring
  • Comprehensive tool for managing system lifecycle management

Technical specifications

  • COMOS is a consistent database that works with objects
  • Objects are all components from which the technological unit is assembled (motors, pumps, switchboards, controllers), but also their parameters (size, performance, manufacturer, protection) and logical attributes (location, connection).
  • Objects can be created both user-specific and industry – specific libraries (energy, networks, VO, LAN/WAN, CCTV, water supply and others)
  • Each object has its parameters – metadata.
  • Any change to an object is automatically transferred to all related layers of project and operational documentation.

COMOS Walkinside

  • 3D display of the entire technological unit
  • direct link to database
  • creating a digital twin to simulate changes


COMOS Mobile Operations

  • web interface access to the complete database from any device
  • possibility of backing up the database for offline work