The Comosintegration application mediates data transfer from MindSphere to COMOS. Thanks to this, your data in COMOS is always up to date. The settings of the application are very intuitive and clear thanks to the well-arranged graphical interface, so you can do it yourself



The great advantage of the Comosintegration application is the possibility of connecting an unlimited number of your COMOS databases. License requirements are tied to the number of Assets. You can choose from 5 possible licensing plans – S (25 assets), M (50 assets), L (75 assets), XL (100 assets) and individual (over 100 assets).

The application may be accessed from a web browser that supports the HTML 5 standard. The recommended screen resolution is 1920×1080, but at higher or lower resolutions, automatic correction will be performed.


Documantation for Comosintegration in English.