Crowd management

It is crowd control occurring in public places. Our company focuses, in combination with the technologies used, on the capacity of public buildings, shopping centers and other buildings.


Crowd control

The issue of crowd management in public buildings and centers is much easier thanks to modern technologies that our company uses. In a combination of our cloud solutions and data management, digitization and processing systems, we create object operation models. Subsequent optimization and calculation of the projected capacity are important factors for the smooth operation and throughput of the center. Based on the results, the operator is able to ensure optimal requirements for space deployment and personnel.

Continuous real analysis of the capacity of the building

  • Creation of the object’s operation model, its subsequent optimization and calculation of the projected capacity
  • Input: drawings, operator requirements, administrative requirements, security requirements
  • Result 1: optimization of space deployment and personnel requirements (in particular auxiliary personnel, volunteers, etc.)
  • Result 2:initial estimate of the throughput of the centre and process requirements (including real speeds of movement can mean up to 20% decrease in real capacity compared to assumptions based on normal calculation)
  • The involvement of fully automated image analysis (VDT Technology BriefCam) will allow continuous clarification of the model input data in particular movement speed of persons between agendas, staying of persons on individual agendas
  • Output:
    continuously updated capacity estimate depending on population composition with registered dates (especially age)
    data warehouse with information for other centres


We use numerical models of movement of people in buildings, transport terminals and pedestrian areas. Simulation of the behavior of our clients saves investments, eliminates risks and prevents a wide range of complications.

The current complicated system of classical calculations is often no longer able to describe the increasingly complex world of modern construction. Therefore, models of movement of persons come to the fore as a modern method of assessing the safety of objects and their capacity, which is also in accordance with normative procedures.

With these tools, we reduce construction costs for investors while maintaining the current level of safety and usability of buildings, verify their safety parameters and find important errors already at the project stage.

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