Digitization of water supply

It is a summary term for the process of obtaining and evaluating water infrastructure data, thanks to the integration of advanced tools for effective infrastructure management, cost optimization and operational risk management.


Object engineering, life cycle management of technological units including predictive maintenance, digital twin and simulation tools and cloud applications on an open IoT platform. These are the pillars of the water management industry and the water supply of the cities of the future.

Open IoT operating system for real-time infrastructure monitoring and control

Thanks to the open IoT platform MindSphere for the collection and advanced analysis of data from sensors, flow meters, actuators and meters of any manufacturer, it is possible to evaluate, optimize operation and predict events such as water leaks or accidents. Central processing of data stored in the cloud architecture allows you to monitor trends and evaluate KPIs for future decisions.

SIWA application for efficient management and operation of water management infrastructure

Smart applications called SIWA are digital tools for monitoring and effective control of the drinking water distribution network (SIWA Optim), including loss detection (SIWA Leak, SIWA Leak Plus), as well as optimization of the operation of wastewater pumping stations (SIWA Sewer), including prediction of pump clogging (SIWA Blockage Predictor) and optimization of operating parameters increasing their service life (SIWA Pump Guardian).

Object engineering and database system for water management

COMOS software for the design and management of technological units enables complete management of the life cycle of all water management infrastructure objects. The database based on extensive standard process libraries represents time savings during the preparation phase of the investment plan, through implementation to the actual operation and maintenance of technology and buildings. Connectivity of COMOS with control systems and tools for real-time monitoring enables the creation of digital twins, enabling simulation of operational interventions (e.g., outages), optimization of operation (reduction of operating costs or increased efficiency of water treatment) and risk management associated with drinking water supply (critical water supply infrastructure).

Mathematical simulations and operation optimization

gPROMS software for advanced mathematical modeling of biological and physico-chemical processes makes it possible to obtain optimal operating parameters in a virtual environment, simulate their application in real conditions and set boundary conditions for maximum efficiency of wastewater treatment plants and treatment plants. This superstructure of the digital twin of the technological unit is the ultimate tool for engineers and developers who want to make decisions based on a full understanding of complex processes in order to obtain maximum economic performance and environmental responsibility.