Selection of our reference projects



  • ČVUT – Research, Development and Innovation Project, Epsilon, ensuring safety of road transport vehicles, infrastructure and processes, automation methods of traffic information validation
        1. – SW solution of modular platform (system) loT for image transmission, creation and analysis
        1. – Provision of services for obtaining data from camera recordings for simulation purposes
  • ČVUT – Research, Development and Innovation Project, PlD Competence Centre: TEO1020036, Advanced technologies (for Strakonice Heating Plant) using the IoT platform
  • TAČR/Emergency – Algorithmic analysis of data outputs for online evaluation and prioritization of selected parameters in patients with remote monitoring devices using the IoT platform
  • Omnilink – Intelligent Monitoring System – Prague 9 Project
  • Statutární město Pardubice – Analytical software for video processing
  • VFN – Synthesis of instrument data outputs using the IoT platform
  • PVK – Satellite search for water leaks
  • TAČR/VŠCHT – Use of cloud-computing and predictive wastewater analysis using the IoT platform to reduce emissions to the aquatic ecosystem

Water treatment plant Podolí

Second largest water treatment plant of the operator of PVK a.s. with power Q=2200 l/s

  • Digitization of engines and pumps of washing and treated water and air flaps
  • Predictive maintenance, monitoring of drive systems, vibrodiagnostics
  • Installation of the switchboard in the optical and Ethernet network of IoT MindSphere, communicating via MindConnect to the MindApps and MindAccess cloud via the mobile operator’s LTE network
  • Integration of the Analyze MyDrives into the MindSphere cloud IoT platform
  • Installation of SIPART PS2 positioners for detailed monitoring of air flaps in order to obtain data for the evaluation of predictive maintenance

ČSOV Hrnčíře (Wastewater Pumping Station)

Digitization of the pumping station of the operator PVK a.s.

  • Reconstruction of high/low current connection of machines and equipment in order to digitize their operation
    ⦁ Installation of SIMOCODE technology connection to the IoT network MindSphere via MindConnect telemetry
    ⦁ Processing of machine-technological documentation of the actual design in the object architecture of the COMOS software – digital twin of the pumping station