Traffic Flow Analysis

Implementation of modern telematic traffic management systems, especially through the control and supervision system.


Do you need to know the volume of traffic or intersections?
Are you planning road closures?
Don’t know which technology to choose?
Struggling with funding, applying for grants, and more?

Are you solving traffic problems?

Problem definition

Traffic intensity?
Planning closures?
Traffic survey?
Occupancy of parking spaces in different zones?
Crossing the intersection at a red light?
Driving in the opposite direction?
Parking at no standing or no stopping road sign?
Parking in prohibited zones?

Our solution

>>  Detection and frequency of traffic jams
>>  Statistical data on the passage of vehicles through a specific location
>>  Counting and evaluating vehicles from image data
>>  Parking space occupancy statistics
>>  Detection of going through a red light with vehicle identification
>>  Detection of driving in the opposite direction
>>  Detection of the presence of a vehicle in places where standing or stopping is prohibited
>>  Detection of a stationary vehicle in a prohibited zone

We have a tool for you that will solve your problem

Advantages of the Modular Tool?

  • The possibility of gradually expanding the tool (transport and safety modules)
  • Continuous development based on experience gained from applied solutions
  • Possibility of custom development according to defined needs
  • Czech manufacturer and Czech development


Categorization of vehicles

The categorization of vehicles is determined according to the Technical Administration of Communications into the following 8 categories:

Passenger car (PC) – these are passenger cars with or without a trailer, caravans, minibuses (up to 10 people)

Vans (V) – including light utility vehicles up to 3.5t maximum permissible weight, these are two-axle vehicles with single wheels on the rear axle

Medium trucks (MT) – vehicles from 3.5t up to 18t maximum permissible weight, these are two-axle vehicles with double wheels on the rear axle

Heavy trucks without trailer/semi-trailer (HT) – including special cranes, excavators, tractors, etc., these are vehicles with three or more axles

Semi-trailers and trucks with a large trailer (TLT) – typically vehicles around 40t

Public transport buses (BUS) – public transport vehicles of the number series 100-299 and 900-999

Other buses (BUS)

Single wheel motor vehicles (M)

Source: TSK (Technická správa komunikací hl. m. Prahy, a.s.)

License plate recognition

  • 95% reliability of license plate detection
  • Day and night
  • On any communication, according to optimal lighting


  • Categorization of vehicles
  • Speed of moving vehicles on the road
  • Car trajectories based on license plate recognition
  • Vehicle violations
  • Intensities of traffic flows
  • Occupancy of detectors

Example of exporting results

Technology and solutions


is an open operating system and Cloud solution for the Internet of Things (IoT) from Siemens supporting any sensor, machine, device or equipment that is used to monitor, control and evaluate processes.

Video analytics

Video analytics is an integral part of security systems. The so-called video synopsis enables the evaluation of security camera recordings.