Video analytics

Video analytics is an integral part of security systems. Videoynopsis allows the evaluation of security camera recordings.


Potential of video analytics software for CCTV

  • Reduce the amount of recording and get basic metadata based on the Video Synopsis process
  • Continue working with them through the application of advanced filters over this data and then analyze, sort or statistically evaluate them
  • Automate the notification process for defined critical situations
  • Monitor or locate a subject of interest, detect its behavior

When monitoring camera systems are needed, automated analysis of recordings with regard to the amount of recorded video is desirable. It is beyond human ability to view and effectively analyze content. Therefore, the Video Synopsis process is implemented, i.e., compressing moving objects over time.

The use of artificial intelligence technologies is and will be an essential, normal part of our lives in the years to come.

Video Synopsis

Video Synopsis is the result of digital video indexation resulting in:
– metadata database of all moving objects in video
– compressed time-lapse video recording with presentation of objects, actions or activities on the same background in the same timeline

The technology is patented by BriefCam, a member of the CANON Group

It creates static or dynamic dashboards over video recordings with the possibility of connecting to third-party information systems

Basic Video Synopsis functionalities include:

  1. Possibility to group and evaluate recordings from multiple cameras at the same time in an optional period
  2. Application of different filters:

Classification of objects by class:
– People: men, women, children
– Two-wheeled vehicles: bicycles and motorcycles
– Other vehicles: car, pickup, van, truck, bus, train, plane and ship
– Background light changes: lights on, lights off
– Animals

Classification of objects by attribute:
– Lower body clothing: long, short and by colour
– Upper body clothing: long sleeves, short sleeves, and by colour
– Headwear: with cover, without cover
– Bags: with backpack, with backpack, bag in hand
– Facial recognition
– Vehicle registration plate recognition

Definition by motion:
– In area
– Line crossing
– Sizes, speeds
– Staying in view

Classification by characteristics
– Similarities and appearance

CertiConVis (CCV)

It is a unique software – a security camera system used to secure assets, ensure public safety, analyze traffic situations and benefit for marketing surveys.

CertiConVis is a set of functions of the system software that evaluates camera recordings and immediately informs the user in case of danger. It uses two modules that analyze specifically, immediately and additionally. It recognizes, counts objects, detects criminality, suspicious behavior, and possible unauthorized abuse by strangers. It merges events from records and evaluates specific situations. Its functions detect the movement or covering of the camera, human face, streams, suspicious trajectories, sudden changes in direction (wrong way detection), recognize the registration number of vehicles, the state of the zone occupancy, the synopsis of the scene, the fall of the person, the change of lighting, the flow of objects and estimate their properties, intrusion into the virtual zone. Its advantages include the recognition of danger and the possible prevention of irreversible consequences.

CCV benefits are strategies and implementations with tailor-made development from a Czech company, possible combination of functions, use of smart neuro classifiers, integration with any VMS system, work with live and historical recording and static and dynamic detection.

CCV will allow you to protect or literally save human lives, develop, help in unpredictable or confusing situations to the human eye. It is a unique technology of the modern age, which can be used in many professional and private spheres.

We have become a distributor of CertiConVis video analysis software, which is used for automatic online extraction and evaluation of situations in video recordings from camera systems.
The system operates on the principle of artificial intelligence using performance and the ability to learn on neural networks.

Basic properties

  • classifies into one of several AI classes, estimating the properties of the object

“Alert me when a person appears on the monitored property between 9 and 5 p.m. and do not consider my guard dog, which is also on the property.“
Alert me when a car enters Zone 1 on my property, and when a person enters the scene from the left.“

  • analyzes behaviour of persons, their unusual behaviour, alerts them to a possible incident and evaluates traffic situations when vehicles are moving in a restricted zone or in the wrong direction
  • detects camera misuse, whether it has been shifted, changed signal, identifying by manipulation with it
  • counts objects, allows statistics of people, cars on the scene
  • provides data for setting up, for example, traffic lights, entering capacity-restricted zones
  • recognizes text, vehicle registration plate, anonymizing by blur
  • has a parking module for intelligent parking with an up-to-date occupancy status system
  • merges events from records, simulates them in video, and uses forensic analysis
  • manages alarms that can be specially configured and notified to the user in the specified manner

Erik Feldman


  • Specialist in systems and solutions for internal security.
  • An expert in special analytical software, focusing on advanced video analytics functions.
  • Experience with projects for the Police of the Czech Republic, Customs Administration of the Czech Republic, Prague Airport, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of the Interior and Ministry of Justice.
  • Member of the Czech-Israeli Joint Chamber of Commerce.


Comprehensive video analysis platform. Patented Video Synopsis technology allows you to process, analyze, and evaluate hours of records. This solution provides a wide range of key filters that can be combined to get better evaluation results. Briefcam also offers unparalleled accuracy in detecting, classifying, and recognizing individual objects, their attributes and behavior. The system provides very sophisticated, accurate and fast facial recognition.

Basic properties

  • easy case management
  • advanced Video Synopis
  • multi-camera search and analysis
  • accurate facial recognition
  • differentiated vehicle registration plate recognition
  • line crossing (detection and evaluation of movement according to specification)
  • finding similar objects (vehicles, persons and other bypasses)
  • filter sensitivity and tolerance settings
  • setting recording speed and density
  • control views according to relevance

Camera is a data source!

It can be used in the search of people according to the description, for the inputs of the facial specification, the possibilities of “tracking” suspicious places and paths and in crowds (e.g., football stadium footage), where the resolution is 40 MPx and 2000 faces captured from one shot and then compared in the database.

Identification of brought objects, including weapons, partially hidden under clothing, and otherwise dangerous objects, recognition of stabbing weapons, rifles and immediate notification of the operator of a possible threat.

Advanced vehicle recognition by color and color combination, vehicle type and manufacturer with vehicle registration number compared in the database.

Automatic traffic analysis and use of Video Synopsis in search filters with automatic analysis -> Reporting of violations, statistics, alerting of critical situations with incident detection and parking monitoring.