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About Company
VDT Technology a.s.

VDT Technology a.s. (Ltd.) is a Czech company that is (thanks to the partnership with leading global suppliers of security solutions and services) an important local partner with strong background and a team of experienced experts that helps customers quickly and efficiently adapt to new trends and legal requirements.


Disinfection lighting

As part of a research project with Germitec s.r.o. and Prague Advanced Technology and Research Innovation Center, a.s., we have developed disinfection lighting using LED diode technology, which emits high-intensity light in the visible purple light range, in a narrow...


Smart & Safe City

Safe City

  • Protection of Critical Infrastructure
    • Water supply
    • Energy networks
    • Safe transportation
  • Effective City camera cystems with advanced Video synopsis
  • Intelligent traffic management

Smart City

  • Traffic control and optimization
  • Modern navigation applications and parking systems
  • Smart kiosks with large functional variety
  • Advanced Public Lighting systems

Digital Modelling on IoT Platform

  • Modelling of „digital twins“
  • Data processing, optimization, simulation
  • Application development for Smart & Safe Cities, Buildings, Energy, Transportation
  • In August 2018, VDT promoted to GOLD PARTNER of Siemens MindSphere

Security Systems

Detection System of Movement

  • LIDAR technology
  • Detection radius 200m
  • Detection accuracy 3m
  • 360 ° field of view
  • 3D reflection of the reflected beam
  • Integration with camera system

Detection and Elimination of Drons

  • Radar technology
  • Detection, elimination, taking control

Vehicle Inspection

  • 3D view and change detection
  • Quick installation
  • Memory up to 30,000 vehicles per SS
  • Daily and night mode

Monitoring the Communication of the Group of People

  • Silent listening technology
  • Monitoring of GSM, Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Hangouts, etc.
  • Option to send an individual message to an individual channel

Location and Navigation in the Buildings

  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology
  • Navigation system for visitors
  • Applications for smartphones or special location cards
  • Navigate visitors
  • Facility management
  • Securing items – property protection

Detection of Imported Objects

  • Passive tera-hertz imaging technology
  • Detects explosives, liquids, weapons from 3 to 25m
  • No restrictions on movement or location
  • Quick installation

Analytical Software over Camera Systems

  • Video Synopsis and Face Recognition technology
  • Need to reduce the record and focus only on the important
  • Search for and be able to monitor the subject or behavior
  • Automate Critical Situation Alert Process
  • Be able to analyze provided video data

Our Partners and Technology

Our company is not dependent on single vendor technologies, and on the basis of a thorough analysis of customer needs, we always choose the best solution. We have been developing cooperation with leading global security technology suppliers and we are constantly expanding their scope. We cooperate with partners mainly from Western, Central and Eastern Europe.

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VDT Technology a.s.
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160 00 Praha 6

+420 277 004 040


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