Offline data services

Deploying a mobile minibus in the capital city of Prague, analyzing and collecting traffic data, predicting the traffic load, increasing the safety of cyclists and pedestrians, and the passport of roads and technological equipment.


Data services

  • Mediation of data services
  • Mediation of data for the management and maintenance of communications
  • Cooperation in the development of systems used in autonomous vehicles


Product portfolio

Survey of the road network
Repeated, fully automated surveys of the road network and infrastructure

Mobile intelligence
Aggregate mobility information updated with a high refresh rate

Live traffic
Near real-time information on traffic flow and traffic obstructions

Road condition monitoring
Repeated, fully automated road condition surveys

Utility asset survey
Repeated, fully automated surveys of overhead utility networks

Survey of the road network

The first survey delivered in the form of GIS layers.

Updated survey; they can be delivered monthly depending on your plan

Mobile intelligence

Use of the trail, New York

Survey of the road network

Mobile intelligence

Inventory of potholes and cracks delivered as GIS layers.

Updated surveys can be provided monthly.

Utility asset survey

The first survey delivered in the form of GIS layers.

Updated survey; they can be delivered monthly depending on your plan

Transport optimization

  • solutions for traffic control centers and public transport
  • online traffic monitoring, collection of traffic data, comparison and validation of traffic data, optimization of signal plans

Goal: To optimize dynamic planning, real-time management

Transport safety

Monitoring of technological transport infrastructure, road surface, addition of VHD with safety features:

  • pedestrian and cyclist collision warning (PCW)
  • forward collision warning (FCW)
  • monitoring and warning against failure to maintain a safe distance (HMW)
  • lane departure warning (LDW)
  • speed limit indicator (SLI)

Goal: Increasing the safety and flow of traffic, increasing the safety of pedestrians

Receive updates on road infrastructure changes and detect anomalies

  • Change Detection
  • Incident Reporting (faulty streetlight, leaning pole)

Monitor when and where lane markings need to be repainted

  • Lane Marking Visibility

Automatically receive images of specific objects and anomalies

  • Road Captures

Technology and solutions


is an open operating system and Cloud solution for the Internet of Things (IoT) from Siemens supporting any sensor, machine, device or equipment that is used to monitor, control and evaluate processes.

Video analytics

Video analytics is an integral part of security systems. The so-called video synopsis enables the evaluation of security camera recordings.

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