Industry 4.0

is a designation for current trend of digitization, related automation of production and changes in the labour market that it will bring with it.


Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 (also known as Fourth Industrial Revolution) is a designation for the current trend of digitization of industry, which aims to automate and digitize production processes.

By using methods and tools, digitization leads to savings in time, money and increased flexibility of companies. This will result in changes in the labour market. The digitisation process will result in a reduction in the volume of human labour and the transfer of employees to more qualified positions, which will also require higher qualifications.

The automation process will bring the introduction of new machine perception, autoconfiguration and self-diagnostic technologies. By connecting machines equipped with chips, sensors and other elements, it will then be possible to remotely monitor and control production processes with control computers. More sophisticated logistics will then allow a smooth supply of inputs into production processes without the need for additional costs of storage, transport, etc.

In the same way, it will be possible to monitor and monitor final products (means of transport, electronics, production and technological equipment and others) through IoT technologies.

Cloud systems, data centers will be used in connection with IoT technologies. This is also related to the development of security technologies in cybernetics. No less important is a high-quality network and reliable hardware.

Industry 4.0 brings hope of improving the quality of human life, minimizing monotonous and physically demanding professions, which is associated with basic unconditional income.

Control systems


is an open operating system and cloud solution for the Internet of Things (IoT) from Siemens, supporting all sensors, machines, devices or devices used to monitor, control and evaluate processes.


is a software system solution for the entire life cycle of a process production equipment from Siemens. It brings users considerable time savings and cost reductions when planning production equipment as a whole.


is a software tool for digital registration of a construction diary based on advanced video analysis of cameras. It includes functions that automate the basic requirements of building log registration.

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