is software for digital format of a construction site diary based on advanced video analysis of the cameras. Its functions automate basic requirements for keeping the construction site diary.


System description

Step by step, the process automation is too being introduced in traditional industries. Both digitization and advanced tools help to automate management, administration, and security processes. The human factor is gradually being replaced by artificial intelligence using the modern technologies and processes to evaluate situations and eliminate its weaknesses. With the help of modern tools – video analysis, we offer our users the automatic continuous supervision and control over compliance with construction processes, and thus streamlining their use of time.

Video surveillance is the simplest and most effective way of construction control.

ConCoS basic functions

  • Employee attendance register
  • Waste management register
  • Machines and work tools register
  • Object movements register
  • Weather forecast based on GPS data
  • Electronic evidence (PDF)
  • Electronic recording of any on-site control meeting
  • Electronic certificates support (electronic signature)
  • Configurable user permissions
  • Fully configurable user interface
  • Unlimited volume of registered data

Key automatic attributes of the digital construction site diary

  • Protective equipment detection (detection of safety reflective vest, detection of protective helmet)
  • Person movement detection
  • Zone violation detection
  • Vehicle license plate detection
  • Vehicle type detection and time recording (loading / unloading time)

Based on such events, it is possible to immediately secure the object or event overview. The system takes and sends photos of objects with the in-time notice.

The use of such innovative technologies offers countless advantages and brings the automation of standard processes to the construction industry. Investors thus aim to achieve lots of economical savings in terms of both, time, and money.