How to use smart data to improve transport safety?

Jan 19, 2024 | About VDT

How to use smart data to improve traffic safety? It works like a jigsaw puzzle: when assembled correctly, it provides a holistic and detailed view of the traffic situation. Whether it’s optimising traffic lights, traffic management, monitoring vehicle movements or weather, using data, digital technologies and machine learning brings major benefits for traffic safety, strengthening traffic infrastructure, as well as managing unexpected situations on the roads. Specifically, less congestion, less environmental burden or better prediction of driver behaviour. Thanks to data, we can react in time to dangerous situations such as slippery roads or traffic accidents, but also make better use of parking spaces. Interested in more? Read our colleague Lubomir Šembera’s article on the use of data in transport, which he wrote for the December issue of the Silniční obzor magazine of the Czech Road Society.

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