Security and crime prevention

Modern technology for security. Implementation of modern analytical systems of prediction and detection of non-standard situations.


Are you implementing a crime prevention strategy and trying to prevent criminal activity in your city or defined localities? Do you support safety in society and improving the quality of life?

Are you solving security problems?

Problem definition

Aggressive behavior with personal injury?

Vandalism, spraying?

Black dumps?

Clustering of people?

Damage to monuments or city property?

Unauthorized intrusion into city buildings?

Violation of visitor regulations after closing time? (sports and children’s playgrounds)

Statistics of non-standard behavior?

Our solution

>> Detection of a fight and a fall of persons

>>  Detection of damage to another’s property

>>  Detection of foreign objects in a defined zone

>>  Detection of the presence of a large number of people in a defined place

>>  Detection of damage to guarded property

>>  Detection of crossing the fence and breaking into the object

>>  Detection of people entering defined areas during prohibited times

>>  Outputs from all non-standard events in the form of graphic data

We have a tool for you that will solve your problem

Advantages of the Modular Tool?

  • The possibility of gradually expanding the tool (transport and safety modules)
  • Continuous development based on experience gained from applied solutions
  • Possibility of custom development according to defined needs
  • Czech manufacturer and Czech development


Demonstration of person fall detection

Demonstration of detection of a person in a prohibited zone and a suspect

Technology and solutions


is an open operating system and Cloud solution for the Internet of Things (IoT) from Siemens supporting any sensor, machine, device or equipment that is used to monitor, control and evaluate processes.

Video analytics

Video analytics is an integral part of security systems. The so-called video synopsis enables the evaluation of security camera recordings.