Aplication BIMmanager

Cloud tool for effective management of BIM non-graphical information.



Centralize the management of non-graphic information, eliminate errors and save time. BIMmanager is for investors, contractors, suppliers or designers. In this application, you can also share and edit data standards, easily and quickly fill 3D models and validate non-graphical information, to submit high-quality and correctly filled models.

The benefits of the application

time saving

eliminate errors

reducing costs

Who is the app for?


  • Preparation of data standards for each project
  • Easy fulfilling 3D models with non-graphical information according to data standards
  • Validation of model according to prescribed data standard
  • Pre-fulfilling with parameter values
  • Management of libraries of objects
  • Creation of data standards templates and libraries

Suplier / Contractor

  • Management of libraries of objects of own products
  • Fulfilling of libraries according to data standard of specific investors
  • Preparation of libraries for specific projects
  • Validation of non-graphical information
  • Creation of data standards templates and libraries



  • Management and sharing own data standard
  • Preparation of data standards for specific projects
  • Validation of 3D models (parameters, fulfilling, values…)
  • Management of libraries and their sharing
  • Creation of data standard templates and libraries


Features and functions

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Centralised data

Data created in a project can be effectively used for new projects.

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Data standards

Create your own company data standards or use any data standard available (SFDI, etc.). You can also import any international data standard.

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It allows to use the role of a BIM coordinator and BIMmanager according to the BEP and BIM protocol.

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Our tool will validate your projects, either in Revit or Civil 3D.

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Information fulfilling

It enables fulfilling data into Revit and Civil 3D models

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Sharing libraries

You can share the library created for your projects with all project team members.