Modern telematics traffic management systems that (from long-term point of view) will support sustainable mobility within the city.


Modern way of traffic management

Delivery and implementation of modern telematic traffic management systems, especially through the control and supervision system, including strategic detectors, which will support sustainable mobility within the city in the long run.

Are you looking for answers to your questions?

  • Do you need to know the traffic or intersection congestion?
  • Do you need to plan road closures?
  • Do you know your problems and needs very well, but you don’t know what technology will solve your problem?
  • Want to go with modern times, use data for work, but don’t know how?
  • Do you want to optimize costs and gain efficiency in work and human resources?
  • Don’t know what technologies to choose, do you have problems financing or applying for subsidies?
  • And more?

We have a solution for you

WE WILL PROCESS a business analysis to define your problem

WE WILL DESIGN several variants of solutions, including implementation

WE WILLSAVE time and money by making maximum use of existing equipment and studying the market (preventing the purchase of unsuitable technology, comparing products)

WE WILLSUPPLY data in the form of simple statistics and graphs, which will help to plan correctly and can also serve as a basis for subsidies.

WE WILL PROVIDE financing (processing of documents for the grant application) and sufficient human resources (experts and capacities)

Overview architecture

The Chytrá Evropská Project

Camera Divoká Šárka

Camera Bořislavka

Camera Veleslavín

Camera Gymnazijní

Example of data collection from the deployed system – categorization

Traffic analysis and prediction

  • Solutions for municipalities, regions and cities
  • Support for long-term decision-making on the road network
  • Management with online and historical traffic data

Goal: Improving transport planning and mobility management

Autonomous driving

  • Surveillance center – continuous monitoring of autonomous vehicles with the possibility of control depending on the specific traffic situation.
  • Supervision management of technologies on infrastructure.

Goal: Effective deployment of an autonomous minibus in the capital city of Prague