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VDT Technology a.s. in cooperation with CertiConVis has developed TrafficFlow online traffic engineering software to simplify the work of traffic designers and traffic engineers. This software works in conjunction with video analytical tools, using elements of artificial intelligence.

As part of scientific research projects, we develop efficient tools for the application and processing
of open data, advanced visualization of traffic data, which contribute to the development of a tool for  creation of traffic models for cities and regions based on the Insights Hub-MindSphere platform.

Welcome to the future of traffic engineering!

Introducing TrafficFlowa revolutionary tool that will make your working life more efficient and easier. This software will make your work easier and help you achieve excellent results.


  • Categorization of vehicles
  • Speed of moving vehicles on the road
  • Car trajectories based on license plate recognition
  • Vehicle violations
  • Intensities of traffic flows
  • Occupancy of detectors

Categorization of vehicles

The categorization of vehicles is determined according to the Technical Administration of Communications into the following 8 categories:

Passenger car (PC) – these are passenger cars with or without a trailer, caravans, minibuses (up to 10 people)

Vans (V) – including light utility vehicles up to 3.5t maximum permissible weight, these are two-axle vehicles with single wheels on the rear axle

Medium trucks (MT) – vehicles from 3.5t up to 18t maximum permissible weight, these are two-axle vehicles with double wheels on the rear axle

Heavy trucks without trailer/semi-trailer (HT) – including special cranes, excavators, tractors, etc., these are vehicles with three or more axles

Semi-trailers and trucks with a large trailer (TLT) – typically vehicles around 40t

Public transport buses (BUS) – public transport vehicles of the number series 100-299 and 900-999

Other buses (BUS)

Single wheel motor vehicles (M)

Source: TSK (Technická správa komunikací hl. m. Prahy, a.s.)

TrafficFlow is a result of long-term research and development. This intelligent software uses powerful video analytics tools with artificial intelligence elements to analyse traffic data and create accurate traffic models. Our web application makes open data processing more efficient and provides advanced traffic data visualization capabilities.

Imagine how much time and effort you could save if most of your work was automated.

TrafficFlow makes it possible. Intersection performance measurement, digital traffic network modelling, synthetic population – all this and more is now at your fingertips.

Don’t let the old ways of doing things stop you. Embrace the future of traffic engineering
with Traffic Flow. Contact us today to find out how Traffic Flow can make your job easier and enable you to reach new goals in traffic engineering.

VDT Technology a.s. is a founding member of the CzeCCAM Association for Autonomous and Cooperative Mobility.

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Traffic flow analysis

Implementation of modern telematic traffic management systems, especially through the control and supervision system.