Digitization of industry

The main benefits of digitization are to increase performance and efficiency and create new services and business models.


IoT Benefits

Digitization of production brings new tools for monitoring, analysis and data processing. Storage and sharing of data in the cloud can be used for simulation of individual processes, their optimization and prediction. By engaging artificial intelligence and creating a digital twin, all processes can be simulated. The evaluated data can then be used for design, operation and long-term management and service.

Data management and usage

Predictive maintenance
downtime prevention, maintenance interval, service planning, remote services

KPI monitoring
dashboards, business reports, management reports, strategic business planning (CEO/CFO/Cockpit)

Factory activity
quality, productivity, resources, energy consumption, costs, optimization analysis


Benefits of IoT maintenance prediction

The tool comes as a service (SaaS) with a scalable pricing model allowing for an individually calculated return on investment.

Correct identification of returnability (RoI) in a particular predictive maintenance project is a matter of identifying relevant key performance indicators (KPIs) in each particular case and monitoring the impact of deployment on each of them.


reduction in maintenance costs


of increase in productivity of maintenance staff


reduction in unplanned machine downtime


improvement in accuracy of outage forecasts