Pilsen Expands Its Camera System Analysis Capabilities

Sep 25, 2023 | Press releases

Prague, September 21, 2023 – Through a close collaboration between Czech and Israeli providers of cutting-edge technology solutions for state and local governments, the City of Pilsen has acquired a new system that enhances the speed and efficiency of analysing CCTV footage. This innovative analytical tool for security dispatching is the result of a partnership between the Israeli company BriefCam Ltd., a subsidiary of the CANON group, and the Czech system integrator VDT Technology.

The new system empowers the City of Pilsen to harness CCTV footage more effectively, particularly in the realm of crime prevention, thereby enhancing public safety. This analytical tool will be used for both real-time and offline analysis of footage from the city’s CCTV system, expanding the capabilities of the dispatching system by triggering alarms from selected cameras. The automation of this system will not only accelerate police response times but also reduce the potential for human error.

Erik Feldman of VDT Technology emphasized, “Swift response times are critical to ensuring public safety, and this project leverages the world’s most advanced technology, offering a significant enhancement to the safety of Pilsen residents. The project facilitates detailed monitoring and provides valuable support to the police force.”

VDT Technology has a well-established partnership with BriefCam in the Czech market and is also collaborating with hardware component suppliers for the new CCTV analysis system as part of this project. Currently, the project is in the phase of verifying the supplied components in Pilsen.

This comprehensive solution enables the creation of static and dynamic dashboards over video footage, seamlessly integrated with third-party information systems. Key features of the system include the simultaneous grouping and evaluation of footage from multiple cameras, the application of various filters for object classification (including people, vehicles, and animals), and event classification, such as changes in lighting, object movements, size, speed, and suspicious behaviour.

BriefCam’s powerful video analysis software streamlines the use of CCTV footage by allowing large volumes of footage to be quickly reviewed and evaluated through the extraction of essential metadata via video synopsis processes. Prior to analysis and evaluation, filters are applied to this data, including automated alerts for predefined critical situations.

“The urban environment is complex and challenging for humans to monitor without the aid of advanced technology solutions,” noted Erik Feldman. He added, “The new analytics system for security camera footage in Pilsen will enhance the reactive and proactive capabilities of the local police, ensuring that streets are safer for all Pilsen residents through fast, efficient, and accurate analysis.”

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