Project Numeri: The new operational center of the Municipal Police of Prague 9 uses Numeri smart cameras

Apr 7, 2022 | Press releases

Prague, April 8, 2022 – The new operational center of the Municipal Police in Prague 9 now uses intelligent cameras connected to the Numeri monitoring system. This system works on the Czech technology of artificial intelligence supplied by VDT Technology. The project was implemented according to the proposed concept and strategy within the crime prevention program in Prague 9, which promises to reduce crime in individual localities.

“Smart cameras connected to the Numeri system identify predefined risks and immediately report them to the nearest police patrol. They will not only contribute to a greater sense of security for the inhabitants of Prague 9, but also help the city police officers to protect the inhabitants and property in this part of Prague,” comments Jiří Jirkovský, CEO of VDT Technology.

“The Numeri project, on which we collaborated with technology partners, was a challenge for VDT Technology. Its successful implementation is an important step in the use of innovative technologies for the benefit of the inhabitants of Prague 9,” adds Jiří Jirkovský.

The project was implemented according to the proposed concept and strategy within the crime prevention program in Prague 9. The subject of the delivery was the Czech artificial intelligence technology Certicon, which meets the highest demands for functionality and high quality.

The innovative Numeri system will provide users in Prague 9 with complete reporting and analysis of connected cameras for a selected period of time in the form of statistics and graphs. Information from it can also be obtained in the form of so-called alerts. Of course, all interventions and incidents can be further processed, for example, for the needs of traffic surveys and statistics.

How does Numeri work? For example, it can filter by pre-set categories that can be further modified. “The user can filter out all, say, red cars that were standing on weekdays in the nostopping zone between 10 am and 3 pm,” explains Erik Feldman, Sales Director of VDT Technology. “Numeri then allows the user to draw individual points of interest directly in the camera image and set the necessary functionalities in a very simple way,” concludes Erik

VDT Technology has supported education in the area of use of innovative modern technologies for management and administration of cities and municipalities. The Numeri project is an example of good practice for other cities and municipalities in this regard.

Preview of Numeri system functionalities

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