Technický týdeník article on video analytics for Plzeň

Nov 3, 2023 | About VDT

Our next venture in the field of security and crime prevention is a new analytical system for camera footage in the city of Plzeň. The system was created through cooperation with Israeli company @BriefCam and we are delighted with the results. The system will make it much easier for police to analyse online and offline footage from the city’s CCTV system. How? It can, for example, group footage from multiple cameras simultaneously, search for an object according to selected filters (such as people, vehicles or animals), and easily recognize license plates. But the system also focuses on non-standard phenomena, from changes in lighting to the speed of objects and suspicious behaviour. In this way, it will significantly streamline and speed up the response and eventual resolution of security situations in the city, while minimizing the risk of human error.

For more information, see this article:

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