VDT Technology a.s. has developed a new application called COMOSINTEGRATION

Mar 17, 2022 | Press releases

Our team of specialists has completed the new COMOSINTEGRATION application. It is a synchronization application between Siemens’ COMOS and MindSphere platforms.

It enables automatic updating of online data in the MindSphere IoT platform into the COMOS environment. The application is available through the MindSphere Store.

A simple application tool allows you to create and manage value mappings between the two systems. With the COMOSINTEGRATION application, the customer has a guarantee that his data will always correspond to the current state of the device.

We have enriched the COMOS platform, which brings significant time savings and cost reductions in the planning and implementation of technological units, with an integration environment with the IoT MindSphere open operating system. This will increase in particular the efficiency of the maintenance module of the technological units on the COMOS platform.

We create smart data in the Cloud in real time and bring our customers comfort at work, decision-making and planning.

You can find more information about COMOSINTEGRATION on our

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