VDT Technology and CertiCon Unveil Groundbreaking Traffic Engineering Software: TrafficFlow

Oct 3, 2023 | Press releases

Prague, September 27, 2023 – In the upcoming XXVII. World Road Congress, scheduled for October 2 to 6, VDT Technology and CertiCon are set to introduce an innovative traffic engineering software named TrafficFlow. VDT Technology, renowned for pioneering cutting-edge traffic engineering products, including tools for digital traffic replication, traffic network modeling, synthetic population and traffic data visualization, as well as advanced telematics systems for traffic management with a focus on control and surveillance systems, joins forces with CertiCon to present this groundbreaking solution.

TrafficFlow is a software that seamlessly integrates video analytical tools and harnesses the power of artificial intelligence. This innovative software promises significant advancements in traffic surveys, intersection analysis, and various traffic engineering tasks. By combining video analytics and artificial intelligence with deep learning (DLPU), TrafficFlow not only delivers pinpoint-accurate results but also streamlines and accelerates the entire process dramatically.

Users of TrafficFlow can effortlessly create tailored, precise traffic models to suit their specific needs. Real-time data extraction is presented through an intuitive dashboard equipped with interactive widgets. This efficiently processed data, sourced from open channels, can be seamlessly shared with external systems via the open IoT platform Insights Hub-MindSphere, provided by our partner, Siemens. Insights Hub-MindSphere is an open-source operating system and cloud-based IoT solution, capable of transforming vast volumes of device-generated data into smart data.

A standout feature of TrafficFlow is its real-time functionality with minimal latency, encompassing the processing of open data and its relay to higher-level control systems. This capability is pivotal in building traffic models for municipalities and regions, based on the Insights Hub-MindSphere platform. With a response time in the range of milliseconds, TrafficFlow enables swift reactions to real-time situations. Furthermore, it integrates seamlessly with smart city platforms and offers robust support for a wide array of IoT modules.

Lubomír Šembera, Director of Telematics at VDT Technology, emphasized the pivotal role of intelligent data in the future of traffic engineering, stating: “The future of traffic engineering lies in intelligent data. The TrafficFlow application marks a significant leap towards modern and efficient traffic management through the integration of video analytics and artificial intelligence.”

TrafficFlow employs state-of-the-art image processing technologies, featuring a robust algorithm for trajectory analysis, vehicle recognition, colour, and license plate recognition. The software categorizes vehicles, tracks their speed and direction, monitors traffic volume, measures occupancy at specific locations, identifies traffic congestion, flags vehicles in restricted and no-stopping zones, and even detects vehicles traveling in the opposite direction. This comprehensive feature set substantially reduces the costs associated with acquiring, operating, and integrating smart parking, traffic management, personal monitoring, and security applications.

Vladimír Mařík, Director of Business Solutions at CertiCon, expressed enthusiasm about collaborating with VDT Technology to develop this groundbreaking application. He stated: “We are delighted to collaborate with VDT Technology on developing this application, which pushed the boundaries of traffic engineering. Together, we are delivering an innovative solution that harnesses the power of video analytics and artificial intelligence for efficient and modern traffic management.”

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Lubomír Šembera, VDT Technology
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Presentation of the project for journalists:

VDT Technology a.s., as a system integrator, offers comprehensive solutions for intelligent monitoring, control, and data management systems. Within IoT platforms, it prepares advanced expert functionalities such as simulations, predictions, and digital modeling. Visit www.vdttechnology.com for more information.

Certicon is a domestic technological company specializing in innovations and the development of software and hardware solutions for areas such as healthcare, telecommunications, as well as the automotive and aerospace industries. It collaborates closely with top technical universities and research laboratories throughout the European Union. Visit www.certicon.cz for more information.

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