VDT Technology at the Brno International Engineering Fair

Aug 14, 2023 | About VDT

The International Engineering Fair in Brno is the most important industrial fair in Central Europe. This year, it was attended by 1250 companies from 43 countries, with all key areas of the mechanical and electrical engineering industry represented.

The main theme of MSV this year was Industry 4.0 and the digital factory – meaning the digitalization of production – which is one of the main priorities of current innovation processes. Other highlighted topics included the circular economy, for more effective management of material resources.

The trade fair included a top-notch supporting programme consisting of expert conferences, seminars and workshops on current technical, business and economic trends.

One programme, named “Digital Factory 2.0”, dealt with intelligent digitalisation and the second transformation of the Czech economy. A digital stage connected to the technology exposition provided online streaming of moderated presentations and talks.

On 5th October, Jiří Jirkovský, CEO of VDT Technology a.s., spoke at the fair on the topic of “Intelligent Control Systems”, during which he presented solutions using the COMOS and MindSphere platforms.