VDT Technology attends security conference in Ostrava

Oct 10, 2023 | About VDT

We are preparing for the prestigious conference “National Prevention Days 2023,” held on October 10 and 11 in Ostrava. This event will provide unique opportunities to delve deeper into hot topics in the field of crime prevention and security which are becoming increasingly important in the context of the Crime Prevention Strategy for the Czech Republic for 2022-2027.

The conference of experts will aim to strengthen an evidence-based approach to crime prevention and analysis while focusing on new threats and current challenges. We will discuss key topics such as the development and promotion of crime prevention systems, a comprehensive approach to security in high-risk locations, situational crime prevention, new approaches, and cybercrime prevention.

During the event, our colleague Erik Feldman will present the use of video analytics software in urban CCTV systems for crime prevention. Solutions offered by VDT in cooperation with our partners include specialized software for video analysis and processing. This tool extends the functionality of existing CCTV systems, using specialised technology to detect and recognise objects and events based on video footage. It can identify the movement of people, vehicles, and flag potentially dangerous situations. The analytics superstructure uses algorithms and artificial intelligence to analyse image data, provide useful information, and issue alerts.

This solution offers great potential for improving safety in public spaces, optimising traffic infrastructure, and preventing crime. It enables online and offline analysis of the city’s CCTV footage and extends the capabilities of the dispatching system by issuing alarms from selected cameras. The automation of the system enables faster police responses and minimizes the possibility of human error. The resulting solution enables the creation of dashboards over video recordings linked to third-party information systems. In addition, the system can group and evaluate footage from multiple cameras simultaneously, applying various filters to classify objects by type.

The software also automatically alerts operators to non-standard situations, allowing operators to respond quickly . Examples include detecting traffic violations, monitoring unusual behaviour, or identifying traffic accidents. VDT ensures that personal data is protected in accordance with Czech and European Union regulations.

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