VDT Technology delivers video analytics software for Ostrava University Hospital’s camera system

Mar 19, 2024 | Press releases

Prague, March 18, 2024 – VDT Technology, together with technology partners BriefCam, CertiCon, and Scylla, has successfully implemented new video analytics software for the camera system at Ostrava University Hospital. The new system aims to significantly enhance the safety of patients, visitors, and employees.

The initiative is especially significant given heightened security concerns for hospitals and healthcare facilities outlined in the Czech Interior Ministry’s “Fundamentals of Soft Target Protection” methodology. The importance of a comprehensive approach addressing not just physical security, but also cyber and information security aspects, is underscored by a tragic event that took place in Ostrava hospital in 2019.


The new video analytics software system for the hospital’s CCTV infrastructure will help to safeguard against similar incidents, while also serving to substantially enhance overall security within the hospital. It is capable of swiftly identifying and mitigating potential threats such as fires, vandalism, accidents and attacks, before they escalate. Cutting-edge technology enables immediate risk detection, facilitating rapid responses to effectively minimize risks to patients, visitors, and staff. This capability is particularly vital in critical situations when time is of the essence. By leveraging intelligent software, Ostrava University Hospital benefits from significant advantages over conventional security measures.

The hospital’s new video analytics superstructure integrates video synopsis technology from Israeli company BriefCam with advanced video analytics technology from US company Scylla. Scylla’s technology operates in real-time with 40 key cameras, whereas BriefCam’s software handles up to 500 cameras indexed sequentially. This methodology allows efficient processing of vast amounts of data. Both systems leverage robust hardware and artificial intelligence capabilities using neural networks in order to analyze image data according to predefined operator requirements.

Scylla enables monitoring for predefined critical situations such as safety incidents, unusual behavior, a person falling down, an object being left behind, or a person entering a critical security zone. The system notifies operators via a dashboard within seconds. In contrast, BriefCam empowers operators to set diverse filters and notifications based on their current requirements, scanning stored records and identifying relevant events within minutes. BriefCam can also capture events using preset filters, rapidly alerting dispatchers within minutes.


This video analytics software installation is the first on such a large scale in the Czech healthcare industry. It is a major milestone, comparable to the implementation of a video analytics superstructure at one of the largest hospitals in the USA, Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. Occupying an area of nearly 7 hectares, comprising 29 interconnected and 14 separate buildings, and employing over 30,000 workers.

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