VDT Technology introduces its new WIM water application

Jan 19, 2024 | About VDT

We are excited to introduce our new Water Infrastructure Maintenance (WIM) application. WIM brings a revolutionary approach to water infrastructure maintenance, opening the door to the modern water industry era.

With WIM, you have complete control over the status of your water infrastructure and its maintenance, in a simple and intuitive environment. This smart app offers monitoring and predictive maintenance of water infrastructure, bringing a range of benefits and simplifying the management of water facilities.

With a wide range of features, WIM makes it easy to structure the operation of water infrastructure. Users can closely monitor the status of individual facilities throughout the operation. This provides them with an overview and facilitates navigation through the infrastructure.

The application uses a wide range of sensors located on the machinery. These sensors collect indispensable data, which is then processed and presented to the user in a clean and easy-to-read graphical environment. Users thus have instant access to important data about the state of their infrastructure, without the need for complex and time-consuming manual monitoring.

With WIM, you can rest assured that your water facilities are safe and functioning optimally. Now you can invest your time and resources where they are needed most, while being confident that your water infrastructure is in good hands.

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