5G technology will serve to increase safety in the streets of Bílina

Jun 9, 2023 | Press releases

Prague, June 9, 2023 – Czech technology specialists are leading a project using 5G connectivity to improve security and surveillance systems in Bílina. The project entitled: “Development of urban security and situation management in Bílina with the support of 5G network technology” resulted from the competition “5G for 5 cities”, in which Bílina won together with Jeseník, Karlovy Vary, Plzeň and Ústí nad Labem. The winners of the competition will receive priority testing of the new 5G technology, with each city receiving services worth more than CZK 2 million, including methodological, personnel and marketing support.

The Urban Security and Situational Management Development project, which is being implemented by a team of Czech researchers including VDT Technology a.s., Certicon and Mark2 Corporation Czech a.s., will be carried out through at least 15 points of the city’s camera, security and surveillance system newly connected via the 5G network to the Bílina Municipal Police surveillance centre. The complete solution includes the acquisition of the necessary technology, the creation of an operational environment and the interconnection of all components into a functional unit that will increase the safety of the city’s citizens.

The project aims to increase the safety of citizens and visitors to Bílina and will include online and offline analytics for situational crime prevention as well as analytics to increase road safety.

The new technology will be used for online and offline analysis to assist crime detection and situational prevention, increasing road safety and other activities aimed at increasing the safety of citizens in Bílina in public spaces and inside public buildings.

“We are delighted to be working with Mark2 Corporation and CertiCon on a highly advanced security solution. In general, 5G connectivity offers many opportunities for improved data transmission, leading to better safety and security,” said Ing. Erik Feldman of VDT Technology a.s. and continued: “This innovative system is designed to make a significant contribution to the overall strengthening of security, as the faster and more accurately the surveillance systems provide information to the Czech Police and other authorities, the faster and more effectively these authorities will be able to act to eliminate risks.”

“Certicon develops technology solutions and brings them to the market through strategic solutions. It focuses on innovation that brings added value for end users,” explains Vladimír Mařík, Director of Business Solution Division at Certicon.

The first step of the project is the development of a feasibility study, including the design of a traffic analysis concept using the camera system as a data source. To use the new technology, the Bílina Municipal Police identifies hot spots with frequent occurrences of offences or risk zones.

In the second phase of the project, a new data and communication infrastructure will be developed and implemented.

5G technology will allow sharing of larger amounts of data at much higher data rates than is currently the case with 4G networks.

The use of smart applications in the surveillance system of the City of Bílina will enable Bílina Municipal Police to recognize people, objects and vehicles and map their movements in real time, through high-quality images and the possibility of replaying the recordings. The partner of the City of Bílina and the network provider is O2 Czech Republic a.s.

The City of Bílina is focusing on safety using a grant under the National Recovery Plan program, but similar software using 5G networks could also provide information on parking occupancy, traffic flow, attendance at public events and other areas.

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5G is a fifth generation wireless telecommunications network that surpasses the current standards provided by 4G connectivity in many areas. 5G is more powerful, faster, and cost-effective.

Thanks to the development of modern technology, existing 4G networks are at the limits of their capacity and have no room for further upgrades.

“This project, co-funded by the European Union through the National Recovery Plan, will put the City of Bílina at the forefront of technological developments in Czech cities,” said Zuzana Schwarz Bařtipánová, Mayor of Bílina, adding: “Thanks to this promising initiative, new solutions can be developed and implemented that will contribute to the safety of the city’s residents and visitors. We are excited to work with the project partners to bring the benefits of full 5G networks to the city.”

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