Associate membership in the Water Supply and Sewerage Association of the Czech Republic (SOVAK)

Nov 1, 2023 | About VDT

We are thrilled to announce our new associate membership with the Water Supply and Sewerage Association of the Czech Republic – SOVAK ČR. This membership connects us with a community of professionals, companies, and institutions dedicated to promoting efficient and sustainable development in water management and environmental protection.

Our primary goal as a member is to contribute our expertise and knowledge towards the advancement of the water industry, with a strong focus on digitalization. Collaborating closely with our partner Siemens, we are committed to developing cutting-edge superstructure systems that facilitate the digital transformation of water infrastructure operations. Our joint efforts are aimed at offering innovative solutions for energy management, optimizing water treatment plant operations, satellite monitoring of water leakage, and comprehensive data collection and analysis from various sensors, flow meters, drives, and meters from diverse manufacturers. This holistic approach not only provides critical insights into the status of water resources but also identifies potential risks and opportunities for enhancement.

Employing a cloud-based architecture for central data processing, we enable real-time trend monitoring and in-depth analysis of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Leveraging our smart and innovative applications built on the Insights Hub-MindSphere platform, including WIM, WST, En-Key Energy Manager, Comosintegration, and others, we offer digital tools for the efficient monitoring and management of drinking water distribution networks and wastewater pumping stations. Through the integration of COMOS software, we streamline the design and management of process units, ensuring a seamless life cycle management of all water infrastructure assets. This approach not only optimizes time and resources but also empowers us to enhance the efficiency of water management, safeguarding water resources from unsustainable depletion and pollution.

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