At the 23rd International Urban Water Conference 2023, we will present the use of En-Key Energy Manager in water supply management

Oct 10, 2023 | About VDT

We are a partner of the 23rd edition of the international exhibition and conference Městské vody, taking place on 5 and 6 October in Velké Bílovice. At this event, our colleague Lukáš Chalupa will present a paper on “En-Key Energy Manager application in water supply management” on Thursday 5 October at 15:00 in the Sewerage and Wastewater Treatment Plants section.

Our experts are actively developing solutions in the field of monitoring and advanced analysis of data from various sensors, flow meters, actuators and meters from different manufacturers on the Insights Hub – MindSphere platform from Siemens. These solutions allow efficient evaluation of operations, optimization of performance, and even the prediction of potential future events such as water leaks or accidents. By centralizing data processing in a cloud-based architecture, we are able to monitor long-term trends and analyze KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), providing important information for future water management decision-making.

Our innovative solutions include the water management application En-Key Energy Manager, which allows users to monitor the energy management of treatment plants and infrastructure. The application provides online information on energy consumption and allows the comparison of individual parameters of separate facilities and operations. It assists in the transparent management of energy and helps operators find ways to use energy more efficiently. Its unique features include key performance indicators (KPIs) that allow the evaluation of facilities and set alerts for potential problems. En-Key Energy Manager is specifically tailored for the water sector, including indicators linked to water quantity and population.

Collected data is used for digital modelling of operational states and monitoring of energy consumption. With many features including dashboards, reports, notifications, user role and rights settings, operators can effectively manage processes and improve the performance of their infrastructure. The application tracks energy consumption and prices through a variety of tools including real-time and historical data that is clearly displayed in graphs and widgets. Users also have the ability to customize the display of information to suit their needs.

Learn more about the app here: 

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