Join us at CZECHBUS 2023

Nov 11, 2023 | About VDT

Join us at CZECHBUS 2023, the 12th edition of the public transport and telematics fair together with Smart City Transport Solutions, taking place from November 21st to 23rd at the PVA exhibition center in Letňany. We’re excited to announce that, alongside our partner Mobileye, we will be showcasing the innovative Mobileye Shield+™ Connect anti-collision systems for buses and Mobileye 8 Connect™ for cars, at stand 3B04.

Mobileye Global Inc. is a pioneer in autonomous driving technologies and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and has been at the forefront of the industry for nearly twenty-five years. The company’s safety technologies, driven by sophisticated machine learning and computer vision algorithms, continuously analyze the surrounding environment to identify potential hazards, including other vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcyclists.

Our Mobileye Shield+™ Connect and Mobileye 8 Connect™ anti-collision technologies leverage AI capabilities to enhance public transport safety, addressing blind spots while adhering to stringent safety standards mandated by the EU General Safety Regulation.

The versatile Mobileye Shield+™ Connect system proactively alerts drivers to various hazardous situations. Equipped with vision sensors, it monitors blind spot areas on both sides of the vehicle and at the A-pillar. Upon detecting risks, the system provides visual and auditory warnings in real time, aiding in collision avoidance or mitigation.

Mobileye 8 Connect™, a pivotal component of the Mobileye Connect Platform (MCP), utilizes advanced artificial intelligence to prevent collisions. By deeply analyzing Mobileye ADAS data, MCP offers insights into fleet safety indicators and driving performance. This enables accurate reporting on driving behavior, facilitating better assessments of driving efficiency and the establishment of driver evaluation parameters.

CZECHBUS 2023 is an ideal platform for engaging with leading experts from various public transport and telematics segments, enabling discussions of the latest trends and challenges within the industry. We eagerly anticipate the presence of industry professionals, transport enthusiasts, and technology experts at the fair. Come and visit our booth to take part in stimulating discussions that offer a glimpse into the future of smart transport solutions!

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