Our WST app for digitising water management features in Universitas magazine

Aug 14, 2023 | About VDT

Universitas, the magazine for universities, has published an article about our new cloud-based application for digitising water management developed to help protect waterways from pollution.

In cooperation with our partners from CTU, VŠCHT, TA ČR and PVK a.s., we are involved in the development of a revolutionary digital tool, named Water Scan Toolbox, for automating operational and technological measures at wastewater treatment plants. It is an innovative cloud-based application that uses predictive knowledge of the quantity and quality of incoming wastewater to assess the load on wastewater treatment plants.

Water Scan Toolbox relies on three main pillars: a predictive model of wastewater quantity and quality, a database of event scenarios for different operational states with predicted WWTP loads, and a decision matrix for selecting operational and technological measures for different events.

The main objective of Water Scan Toolbox is to reduce operational risks, especially during periods of heavy rainfall, and to increase the efficiency of water treatment by enabling WWTPs to prepare in time and respond adequately to changes. This tool represents a major breakthrough in water management and will help us protect our water resources.

A new application from VŠCHT will protect waterways from pollution (universitas.cz)