Pilot Project – TWIN SKIN: Digital Twin for Water Treatment Plant Reaches Final Stage

Apr 29, 2024 | About VDT

The research project “TWIN SKIN”, part of the SECTECH programme focused on developing a digital twin for effective risk management of critical water infrastructure in Železná Ruda, has reached a successful conclusion. Nearly two years ago, VDT embarked on this journey aimed at creating a virtual replica – a so-called “digital twin” – of the water treatment plant to assess practical usability. In collaboration with the University of Chemical Technology, the Institute of Hydrodynamics of the Czech Academy of Sciences, and cyber security consultants from the International Security Institute, we partnered with the town of Železná Ruda to serve as a testing authority for the project.

Železná Ruda’s involvement entailed providing access to water infrastructure, sharing operational data, and actively participating in developmental discussions. In essence, the digital twin, hosted on Siemens’ Insights Hub platform, is a digital model which mirrors the operations of water treatment plant. It conducts simulations to predict the plant’s behavior in various operational states. Utilizing a predictive algorithm, the digital twin can forecast filtration cycle durations up to 8 hours in advance, suggesting necessary adjustments to plant settings. This capability significantly mitigates the risk of drinking water shortages for the local population. Additionally, the application offers a simplified 3D model of the water treatment plant, detailing filters, pipes, pumps, and tanks.

After two years of meticulous development, the water treatment plant in Železná Ruda now proudly stands as the nation’s pioneer in possessing its own digital twin. This pilot project received support from the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic, under the Czech Security Research Programme 2021-2026, focusing on the advancement, testing, and evaluation of new security technologies (SECTECH).

To find out more about the application, watch a videos demonstration here:

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