VDP attended the UITP Global Public Transport Summit in Barcelona

Aug 14, 2023 | About VDT

Together with our partner MobilEye, we attended the International Public Transport Association’s UITP Global Public Transport Summit, the world’s largest event for public transport professionals, which took place in Barcelona.

UITP is a global organisation of public transport operators, transport commissioners, transport policy makers, research organisations and other major players in the sector. It is dedicated to promoting sustainable mobility and innovation in public transportation, with around 1400 members from 96 countries.

Twenty years ago, MobilEye was an early start-up in this field. Today, it is a renowned company specialising in the development and production of driver assistance systems and testing for autonomous cars. At the UITP summit, we discussed the company’s latest anti-collision technology – MobilEye FishEye – for large vehicles such as buses and trucks, in which anti-collision systems will be mandatory from July next year. MobilEye FishEye is an artificial intelligence system designed specifically to address the problem of blind spots and meet the highest safety standards set by the EU’s General Safety Regulation.