VDT Technology as a partner of Siemens at the MSV 2023

Oct 20, 2023 | About VDT

The focus of Digital Factory 2.0 was intelligent digitalization in its various forms, showcasing technologies that facilitate transformation in the industrial environment and throughout the economy. The aim was to envision Czech economic success in the 21st century in light of the evolving geopolitical context. In Hall F, a special exhibition featured a collection of digital and automation technologies, exhibits and solutions that enhance production processes when applied correctly. Visitors gained practical insights into the ideas underpinning a second Czech economic transformation, emphasizing the improvement of production process efficiency, energy sustainability, resource management and monitoring. Energy sustainability was a particularly prominent theme at this year’s fair.

During the event, our colleague Jiri Jirkovsky delivered a compelling talk on the “Application of VDT technology on the Insights Hub – MindSphere platform by Siemens” at the Digital Stage on Wednesday October 16, at 16:20. Jiri’s presentation provided firsthand insights into our solutions, demonstrated through real case studies and projects. A recorded version of the presentation will soon be available on Elektrika.TV – Czech Electrotechnical Videocast.

VDT Technology has developed intelligent tools such as the Water Scan Toolbox (WST), the En-Key Energy Manager, and the Water Infrastructure Maintenance (WIM) application on Siemens platforms, specifically the Insights Hub – MindSphere platform. These applications enable efficient data collection, analysis and visualization across diverse industries encompassing industrial automation, water management and energy sectors. VDT solutions incorporate advanced technologies, including artificial intelligence, to deliver precise and timely information for informed decision-making and process optimization. We are thrilled to collaborate with Siemens and actively contribute to the digital transformation of industrial businesses and energy infrastructure. Leveraging the Insights Hub – MindSphere platform empowers us to revolutionize how businesses utilize data and manage their operations, giving them a competitive edge in the contemporary digital landscape.

At VDT Technology, we recognize that harnessing the power of the complete ecosystem is crucial when leveraging these technologies. As such, we are actively engaged with commercial enterprises, academia, and development centers. This collaboration fosters a continuous cycle of innovation, allowing us to integrate novel insights and technologies to enhance our products and solutions. Supported by government initiatives, we actively share information and expertise with other companies and industry bodies. Through these efforts, we aim to contribute significantly to the advancement of the digital economy and the creation of fresh opportunities for innovation and growth in the context of Industry 4.0. We eagerly anticipate reconnecting with you at next year’s edition of MSV in Brno.

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