VDT Technology at AI Days 2023 in Brno

Oct 20, 2023 | About VDT

From 9-15 October 2023, Brno hosted the highly anticipated AI Days 2023, the focal point for all things artificial intelligence in the Czech Republic. Building upon the success of its inaugural edition last year, AI Days 2023 boasted an impressive array of activities including lectures, workshops and presentations, along with an engaging supporting program.

The primary focus of the event was to explore and examine the integration of artificial intelligence within the context of contemporary developments and rapid advancements in this ground-breaking technology. AI Days had something for everyone with an interest in AI and its practical applications.

Our esteemed partner, Yunex Traffic, curated a captivating program with lectures on the utilization of AI and machine learning in the realm of transportation and autonomous driving, offering participants the opportunity to visit a hardware lab or experience a ride in an autonomous vehicle.

A significant highlight of this year’s event was also a compelling lecture titled “Advanced Perception: Improving Road Safety” by Filip Magula of Yunex Traffic. This groundbreaking solution, implemented at intersections and on roadways, leverages image data from cameras to generate a digital representation of the road and the traffic traversing it. Through cutting-edge detection and real-time object tracking, the system notably enhances road safety, particularly for pedestrians and cyclists. The presentation delved into how this system optimizes traffic and furnishes vital insights for automated traffic management by harnessing artificial intelligence methodologies. Meanwhile, Tomas Gavenda, also from Yunex Traffic, delivered a talk on the utilization of AI in predicting traffic signal changes at intersections, using SPaT prediction. This informative presentation discussed how AI and SPaT prediction can contribute to substantially superior intersection management and the enhancement of traffic flows by accurately forecasting traffic signal changes. These insightful presentations are just a glimpse into the multitude of engaging and informative discussions at AI Days 2023, emphasizing the revolutionary impact of artificial intelligence across various domains, and especially within the realm of transportation and road safety.

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