VDT Technology partners with Siemens for revealing article on the digitalization of the water industry

Aug 14, 2023 | About VDT

Siemens: solutions for the water industry

Siemens has published an article in Vision magazine featuring VDT Technology on the topic of solutions for the water industry. The Siemens portfolio covers a wide range of products for the water industry, including process instrumentation, industrial communications, power systems and process control automation technologies. These products support efficient water plant operations throughout the entire lifecycle – from planning and operation to maintenance.

One of the main problems faced by water utilities is water leakage. Losses have to be constantly fought as water travels from the source through the treatment plant to the end user. Siemens offers technologies that help water companies make better and more accurate measurements of their networks. One such technology is the #SIWA Leak Plus modular software system, which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to locate and quantify water leaks in networks. Pilot projects for this system are now underway in the Czech Republic.

In the digitalisation of the water sector, data collection is just the first step. It must be followed by analysis of the data and the correct use of the information gathered. For this, Siemens offers the #COMOS platform system, which allows technology to be linked to infrastructure, providing complete digital documentation of operations. Use of software for modelling and dynamic process simulation is expected to increase within the digitalisation of the water industry, for example with the #SIMIT simulation platform.

The water industry works with two types of digital twins. The first type provides a digital twin of water infrastructure itself and is mainly used for predictive maintenance, eliminating paper documentation and keeping data up-to-date. The second type is a digital twin of the processes enabling optimization of operations and simulation. As a Siemens partner, VDT Technology offers solutions in this area on the COMOS and #InsightsHub (formerly #MindSphere) platforms.

Link to article: https://lnkd.in/e_5HqK4g